Upcoming Workshops and Groups:

Hakomi Essential Skills

San Anselmo, CA

February 1-2, 2020

This workshop will help you work more effectively with your clients, by gaining the cooperation of your clients’ unconscious world in service of greater resilience, internal cohesion, and an enhanced ability to manage difficult emotional experiences. 

In this workshop you will learn to:

· Receive a thorough introduction to the Hakomi method of mindfulness-centered, somatic psychotherapy

· Strengthen your ability to attune relationally with your clients, through enhanced tracking of somatic experience

· Engage more directly your clients’ internal experience by contacting the affective core of their verbal and non-verbal communications

· Effectively use mindfulness skills to build your clients’ experience of a coherent self

· Counteract dysregulated states by using mindfulness-centered interventions to resource clients

· Develop familiarity with advanced mindfulness-centered techniques—such as Probes, Take-Overs, and Experiments in Mindfulness—which allow the therapist to more deeply engage unconscious organizing material

February 1-2, 2020, San Anselmo, CA 9:30am-5:00pm

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Using Mindfulness & the Body to Gently Support Change

Mallorca, Spain

July 31 – 1 August 1, 2020

This workshop introduces participants to the basic principles and skills of the Hakomi Method to support personal and professional development. The goal of Hakomi is to uncover and alter unconscious motivations, beliefs and outdated frames of reference that negatively affect mood and relationships with self and others. The method uses experiments conducted in mindfulness and body awareness to gather information about unconscious processes. These techniques, coupled with the attuned presence of the therapist, access implicit memories and gently reorganize entrenched neural patterns.

In this workshop, you will: Learn how to turn awareness inward for self-study, and how mindfulness can infuse this exploration with a sense of curiosity and compassion. Explore ways the body archives experience and expresses our deepest beliefs about life. Practice using mindful experiments and the body to identify and eventually transform unconscious, limiting core beliefs.

The workshop will consist of a balance of talks, experiential exercises, discussion and personal reflection, with an emphasis on skills that can be readily applied following the workshop. This workshop offers the opportunity to experience the Hakomi method of psychotherapy. It is suitable for those working therapeutically with clients and those wishing to deepen their own self understanding. It will be of value to psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and other practitioners who are interested in learning more about Hakomi or are considering enrolling in the Hakomi Professional Training.

Note: This workshop qualifies as a prerequisite course for the Hakomi Professional Training.

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The Stories We Tell, The Life We Live: 

An Introduction to the Hakomi Method

Helsinki, Finland

August 7-8, 2020

How much of our lives are we simply living out old stories? “This is what I need to be happy.” “This is how I need to be in relationship to get love.” “I am not capable of doing the work I really love.” This workshop offers the opportunity to explore the unconscious beliefs that run our lives, and to try out new possibilities. The workshop will combine didactic and experiential modes, and introduce participants to the Hakomi Method.

In the first day of this workshop, we will learn the basic principles of mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy and introduce key techniques of the Hakomi method. We will study how unconscious core-level material is held in the body, and how mindfulness can bring this material into awareness. We will also discuss the neuroscience of unconscious belief systems—how we get locked into old stories that define our egoic identity and limit our relational experience.

In the second day, we will go deeper into the Hakomi techniques of tracking, contact, and inducing mindfulness. Using these techniques, we will engage an experiential journey into both the familiar stories we tell ourselves, and the possibilities of moving into new, more dynamic and creative experiences of being alive. Working in small groups, participants will practice Hakomi principles and techniques in support of other participants’ dynamic unfolding into a more expansive experience of being alive.

August 7-8, 2020, Helsinki, Finland

For more information and to register,

please contact Leena Pennanen at [email protected]

Hakomi Practice Groups 

-- Monday morning groups, monthly, on-going

-- Wednesday evenings, monthly, on-going

-- Thursday evenings, monthly, on-going

I offer several Hakomi Practice Groups, most of which meet monthly. These groups focus on practicing and building skills from Hakomi and other mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches. The group size is 4-6 students, meeting at my San Anselmo office. Some groups are intermediate level and others are advanced level.


For more information: Please call Shai Lavie at (415) 339-7847

The Embodied Dream Workshop 

San Rafael, CA

next date TBA

The Embodied Dream Workshop is an intimate experiential group journey into the dream world. We integrate mindfulness-based approaches, in particular the Hakomi Method and Somatic Experiencing, with Jungian and mythopoetic modalities of working with dreams. We also work with a unique vessel of co-created ritual, which serves to deepen the numinous aspect of dream sharing.  

Participants learn to relate to each part of the dream as a part of the Self, and to engage the "Somatic Resonance" of a dream symbol/sequence to access deeper meanings. We also learn how dreams can both take us into our core organizing patterns, and can help us step outside these organizing patterns, enabling us to engage previously unknown inner resources.

The neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp writes, "a key function of REM [the emotion-centered dreaming state] within the mammalian brain is to promote the integration of complex affective information." In the Embodied Dream Workshop, we use advanced mindfulness techniques to re-enter dreams and engage the preparatory and integrative movements and emotions that have been opened up by the dreaming experience.